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Network Engineering

Network Management

SofTech Systems provide engineering implementation, support, training and personnel to consolidate voice, video, data, LAN, and WAN networks under an integrated network operations center. This will enable reduce in operation costs and improvements in systems-wide efficiency. We provide both client site and remote network management and operations services on a full- or part-time basis through our Remote Management Control Systems.

LAN/Client Servers

SofTech designs, installs, and operates the LANs that form the network backbone within a given location. Our Certified Network Engineers have the expertise to select and coordinate appropriate operating systems and protocols and integrate routers, bridges, and gateways required to connect clients and servers.


SofTech Systems also designs and implements WANs for the connection of local networks across the United States and the world. We have the experience in satellite, radio, and microwave technologies, and the expertise in emerging technologies such as ATM, Frame Relay, SONET, and broadband ISDN.

Help Desk Support

SofTech can assist you in the establishment of an in-house Help Desk or provide remote, around-the-clock user support for applications, office automation, and network operating systems, including dispatch and maintenance of on-site support.

Network Consulting & Design Services

SofTech's cost-effective consulting and design services are aimed at helping organizations implement and manage networks to meet evolving business objectives. We begin with understanding the way you run your organization. We review your geographic facility dispersion and future plans and analyze your present computing performance capacity. We also review your cost structure to identify savings opportunities that can increase your return on investment. Our planning spans the entire spectrum of networking, including:

Physical space planning

Cable installation

Component hardware and software

Network integration and installation

Migration support

These services address both short- and long-term needs as we help you maintain flexibility through our support of open systems in heterogeneous, multiple-manufacturer environments.

Network Auditing/Documentation

A variety of auditing and documentation services, designed to provide the reliable data needed by managers with fiscal and operational responsibilities, are also offered. SofTech helps maintain high-quality system performance through:

Identification of system-wide usage patterns

Documentation of failure occurrences and resolutions

Software distribution and license integrity

System performance and monitoring

Records, reports and analyses of user statistics

Recommendations of system optimization

Network Integration and Installation Services

Today's networks have become a mission-critical part of every organization. You can be assured that your new network will operate smoothly because we help you select compatible networking system components from today's leading manufacturers . To ensure successful transitions, our certified engineers perform the following:

Test and configure your systems prior to installation

Verify that the system components operate effectively and to specification. Testing of all components before, during and after any site installation.

Communicate with on-site staff during the installation process so that day-to-day operation and maintenance issues can be handled appropriately, with minimum interruption

Additionally, SofTech Systems can handle all your physical network installation needs, including fiber-optic and coaxial cabling, and twisted-pair wiring.

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