SOFTECH Systems, Inc.


SofTech Systems is an information systems developer that provides a host of services to a diversity of businesses. We are a customer-focused company serving some of the most competitive and fast growing companies in the country. Our primary market is the commercial sector however, we do provide services to State and Federal agencies. We are pioneer providers of centralized computer networks and design to small businesses. SofTech can furnish a centralized depository management network, implementation or administration of LAN/WANs, and hardware/software support services.

The challenges can be complex; the consequences can be serious. The implications can be critical; the solutions are often elusive. At SofTech, we are committed to meeting the challenges, head off the consequences, cause the implications, and create the solutions. Our mission is to find innovative systems resolutions to problems of national and universal significance for any business today, and tomorrow. SofTech is a young, aggressive company. Our employees have over fifteen years experience and a proven track record in the implementation of various cost-effective, efficient and innovative network engineering and design solutions as well as database management and development services.

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Softech Systems, Inc.
10332 Broom Lane Suite 101
Lanham, MD 20706 U.S.A.
Phone: (301) 794-8868
Fax: (301) 794-8869

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